Analysis Paralysis: How to recognize and overcome it?

What is Analysis Paralysis?

In the most simple terms, Analysis Paralysis is the inability of making a decision.

What happens when you get caught in analysis paralysis?

The problem comes when you postpone decisions in the hope that a perfect answer will come to you later.

“If fear of failure is the mother of procrastination, then perfectionism is the father.”

How to overcome analysis paralysis?

Learn to recognize it

Usually, decision-building is the process of listing down all the possibilities and then picking the best-suited option.

Treat it like an addiction

Think of the worst outcome

Most often, The bad scenario of taking a decision is not as bad as we think.

Get as many facts as possible, but give yourself a deadline.

Gathering the facts and being prepared for future scenarios is good. But only when we know when to stop. Giving yourself a deadline helps to be finite and get us started.

“Often doing nothing is worse than doing something.”

No decision is perfect

Take a moment, and reflect on your past self, think of the decisions that you took. Don’t think of the outcomes, just think of the decisions you took. And now, answer this -
Were those decisions the final one? Did you not while going through the course of a previously made decision make a new decision due to change in the now present(then, future).

“Make decisions now, work on it and make better decisions tomorrow.”

How do you tackle analysis paralysis?

For me, it was through reading certain books which explained the importance of not being scared of making decisions and also, effective ways to begin the journey of making decisions quickly. It's a long road ahead for me, but I am glad I am on it.

  1. ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever



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Divya Biyani

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